A Letter to Wanderers

(2018 Autumn & Winter)


Dear Friends,


How are you doing? Hope everything is going well with you! At the transition of seasons, Mirrored Gardens has also experienced the changes of light, plants and space. In the past few months, we’ve been exploring, imagining about ways of perception in the future, trying to let different parallel artistic practices and thoughts rest upon each other through the course of the everyday, just like the overlapping of different kinds of writings and the accumulations of geological layers.
While new “topographies” and “writings” are slowly emerging, we warmly invite you to come and take a wander at Mirrored Gardens in the daily opening time. We hope you all will pass through and feel the multitude of parallel worlds in various pace and from different perspectives. Let the dance of thoughts and the wandering of the body converge, and freely discover a space that belongs to you:


Zheng Guogu: Visionary World in a Changing State of Mind
Yangjiang Group: A Piece of Kuang Cao Bright Moon
“Borrowed Scenery” of Danh Vo:
Enzo Mari:1974’s autoprogettazione
Isamu Noguchi: Akari series
Dong pavilion
the shop 2018 edition No.3:
Michele Ciacciofera:  The Translucent Skin of The Present


 Wish you a bright and beautiful autumn.


Mirrored Gardens “Silent Journey”