A Letter to Wanderers

(2019 Autumn)


Dear Friends,




In the midst of a changing season, Mirrored Gardens is set to start its autumn season on 26 October 2019. In the various parallel worlds staged in the whole setting of Mirrored Gardens, the space of Danh Vo’s Untitled (2019) continues to provide us with a flowing spring carrying our feelings, readings and thinkings. This space contains everything that flows out of the moment when our personal experiences meet the history: “Muse” Gustav returns fresh as a liberated self-conscious young man; the stalemate existing between a student and his mentor at his young age has been eventually transformed into a new friendship; and since the Bauhaus, the modern design committed to improving the society has, in different varied forms, entered the framed structure of individual and public spaces. Among them, the surface of Peter Bonde’s abstract painting appears as if it is gleaming in the floating air. Perhaps, such a gleam also insinuates how Danh Vo transforms the various encounters in his life into a process of working with others, a process like photosynthesis.
Chu Yun’s solo exhibition The Mind of Things will be open to the public on 3 November 2019 (Sunday) and we look forward to sharing it with you. Chu Yun’s solo exhibition has been long due for so many years, yet this naturally coincides with the rhythm of the artist’s life. Chu Yun captures and suspends the things that seem to be abstract or invisible in reality, and then emerges the touching moment at which our sensations act on us – through this experience, we may return to the reality of our senses and start entering a space imbued with more “potentials”. In a space like this, things themselves meet human senses, bringing out inspiration originated from their own natures.
We also wish to invite you to re-enter Zheng Guogu’s Tea House, to feel his recent painting Visionary Transformation-Reincarnation; and to visit Borrowed Scenery of Danh Vo#1 at the shop, to feel the convergence and blending in the harmony of a community of lights, a short while relaxation of our bodies and a few pages’ reading in the same space.
We look forward to meeting and chatting with you in the wanders of Mirrored Gardens.


All the best wishes!
Mirrored Gardens “Silent Journey”