A Letter to Wanderers

(2020 Autumn)


Dear Friends,
After their dormancy in summer, those succulents from the Crassulaceae family finally arrive in autumn. For artist Zheng Guogu, ancient plants like the succulents resemble those unnameable flowers from ultra-dimensions described throughout history, evolving from prehistoric aquatic plants. Perhaps it also has to do with the inner tree of life inside every human being. Succulents gradually enter Mirrored Gardens, inviting people to find a way to be with this ancient yet youthful plant.
When the Dong pavilion reappears here, it has differed a lot from what it was like last year. Now, through the roots of orchids, photos of astronauts, details of wood crafts, Danh Vo’s works are helping us to walk into a different kind of cycle of life.
Humans co-exist with nature in the same space and time, the moments of acknowledging that the relationship between ourselves and the external world is forming, are also oftentimes moments when some kind of encounter magically opens up our perception. In the works of Japanese artist Kumie Tsuda, the anthropomorphic yet nonhuman fairy image is like the embodiment of the spirits that are scattered around everywhere in nature. They could be infinitely small, waiting quietly in the bushes or under a roof, for a traveller to throw a glimpse upon them.
At this moment, you could take a seat and read, or sit around Living Space: Huo #1 and Enzo Mari’s table, use and touch Wulou’s quotidian ceramic works. These ceramics bear the simple, unadorned touch unique to the pottery from Ma Ling Long Yaoin Hubei, allowing us to discover functions with more possibilities in their daily uses, while re-experiencing the unadorned beauty of these civic earthenware.
In each of our different trajectories of daily life, we warmly invite friends to Mirrored Gardens during our daily opening hours. And we hope we all see each other, and have a little conversation when we take a wander around here.
Wishing you health and happiness!


Mirrored Gardens “Silent Journey”



Parallel worlds currently present at Mirrored Gardens
Zheng Guogu: Succulent Shanshui
Danh Vo: Untitled, 2019
Chu Yun: The Mind of Things 
Duan Jianyu: A Treasure Left in the Earthly World


the shop 2020 edition No.2:
T Space
Wu Lou: Ma Ling Long Yao
Koki Tanaka: Impossible Project


Permagate Space 2020 edition No.2:
Kumie Tsuda: What is the Color of Saturn?
Michele Ciacciofera: The Translucent Skin of the Present